A Bit About Me

My name is Marie Antoinette and, as my famous homonym, I’m kind of an extraordinary woman, since I have received the gift of living many lives.

Before you stop reading in disbelief, let me explain. I went to college, like many young girls, and majored in Arts and Literature, unlike many.

Parents, relatives and some friends told me that I was leading to unemployment, failure and almost starvation. And I could understand them, since it is not easy to build a career on Arts.

But as my grandmother used to say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way” and certainly, I had a will and was determined to go as far as my talents and efforts could take me.

My perseverance, or obstinacy, fructified since early stages. One of my teachers noted I was gifted for writing and that I really enjoyed doing it. He invited me to write short notes for the online journal that he directed. Later on I started writing scripts for podcasts and video casts and years after a great opportunity came; scriptwriting for a short film!

Since then I haven’t dealt a lot with unemployment, but I’ve had the privilege of having many different jobs in a variety of areas; from journalism and publishing, to marketing and consulting. In every job I’ve learned lots and that’s why I can tell you a bit about… well, not about everything, but about plenty of stuff.

Some may say that I’m inconsistent. I prefer to think that I’m living more than one life.