There’s a question that I’ve heard so many times during my adult life. You may be thinking that it could be something about getting married or starting a family, but fortunately my acquaintances haven’t put me through that yet. Perhaps they finally understood that these are not the only options.

The question has to do with choice and stability. Modern societies may be getting that paternity and family life are not the only ways to reach maturity, but the idea of choosing just one path in life is still strong and determinant. You have to choose a profession; get a job and stick to it; find a place to live and “grow some roots” and start planning ahead, to secure your future. Change is related to lack of compromise, and if you keep going from one job, place or country to another, you are just not mature enough.

What I have to say is that it is a short, short life and if I can, I won’t spend going just in one way. I get committed, of course; I give the best of me with every project. But after finishing something, I just can’t tell why it’s impossible to get committed again, with something totally different.

“You only live once”, it’s often said. As far as I can tell, that’s totally true. But I’m also certain that, if you want, you can prove as many lifestyles as you want. Just try it!