Everybody knows that the best and safest business is that of real estate, given to the fact that land, as log as one has it, it will always be fruitful and has the power to keep an individual afloat even in the case of unemployment.

However, even if many individuals know about the power and efficiency of the real estate business, few of us know about the existence of industrial real estate, a business that turns average people into millionaires and millionaires into billionaires.

I know of a friend with whom I grew up and went to school with, who has made billions thanks to the industrial real estate business.

His name is James and grew up in a farm in North Carolina, out of which his family made a good living.

Farmers are well known for their ability to see opportunity where it seems there is none, in other words to make a mountain out of a hill, since they live out of growth and should therefore know how and where things emerge the strongest, something that requires a lot of work and a good degree of talent, for the land is a tough tenant and does not forgive poor judgement of any kind.

industria_agricola1Farmers are also very well known for their virtue of deep and strong patience because, as we all know, nothing grows fast and easy and one must work earnestly for a long period of time in order to see a small degree for which one has toiled so hard.

James learned all about farming, for his father made sure that he grew up knowledgeable in this matter so that he may have it as a good tool in case whatever he decided to do outside of farming went belly up.

Farmers also possess rather more notoriously than everybody else the virtue of hard work, because in the farming business whoever makes best use of time finishes first a reason why one can be sure that one will never hear a farmer complain out of the hardships of work.

James took all these virtues and knowledge to invest them in an entirely different field, one that would not make him simply well off like his family but would make him a man of billions.

The way he did this was first and foremost by travelling around the world carrying those well-built hawk eyes that would penetrate the deepest secrets of the most vulnerable lands out of which he would create immense wealth both for him and for the land itself.

After having journeyed far and wide he kept a journal with several ideas, many of which he would dismiss. However those that survived his tough judgement, became the foundation of a kingdom that will most likely outlive five generations of ours.

His glance was set not in farming but in industrial real estate, not in America but in far off Asia by creating an empire of commercial dockyards for industrial Chinese shipping, a business that has become a titan.