Theaters, the new Hypnotists

Fiction has always fanaticized with the concept of time traveling; the most famous one of those obsessions is the film Back to the Future.

What if I told you that there is an actual way of going somewhere else via hipnosis?

Mankind is exhausted because of the hardships of life and the daily battle for survival,

We live in a world where the majority of men struggle to feed their family and stay afloat. There are entire continents where people live in misery, hunger and disease, where water is undrinkable and food is rotten.

In a world such as this men must cope with tremendous amount pressure thus escaping the here and now for a couple of hours in order to maintain sanity and mental health. There is however a place where the here and now vanquishes into the nothing and where the dimensions lift and sink into magic; that place is called a movie theater.

Movie theaters are indeed the equivalent of a trance for there your mind is literarily transported into another world. It is in fact the best method of hipnosis.

Hypnosis is used to heal humans from bad memories, traumas, phobias and other conditions that torment or affect the human mind.

There have been several famous hypnotists throughout history the first being the famous Franz Mesmer who developed a healing procedure known as Animal Magnetism.

Animal Magnetism was a technique in which a patient was asked to seat in a chair with his eyes closed. The physician would then speak in a soft voice words associated with relaxation and would gently touch certain points of the patient’s body either with the hand or with an iron dipstick after which the ill person would experience strange sensations of shock or violent vibrations that would end up healing.


Another great hypnotizer was Dr. James Braid who actually invented the term hypnosis after Hypnos the Greek goddess of sleep. It was this man who gave hypnosis a scientific method of recovery and acquired abundant fame as well as recognition by the scientific world.

His method consisted in holding his finger approximately fifteen centimeters above the patent’s forehead holding an objet of a shinny nature such as a candle or a clean coin and ask the patient to stare at it with the least blinking as possible, which would result in the patient’s eyelids to close involuntarily. It was at this stage where Brain would use certain commands that would hit the subconscious like an arrow, and healing would occur as a result.

Movie theaters use the same procedure to transport us into another reality. Think about it and ask yourself the following three questions: A) When was the last time that the screen was at the level of your eyes?

  1. B) When was the last time that the lights were on at a movie theater?
  2. C) When was the last time that people were allowed to talk freely on a movie theater?

I guarantee you, dear reader that your answer will be NEVER.

However few understand what is the pillar for a successful movie experience as well as for a session of hypnosis, remember what Sherlock Holmes once said “It is the little things which are the most important.”

In this particular case the secret is in the theater seating. In order for a spectator to leave the immediate here and now he/she must be sitting comfortably.  Theater seats must be soft yet not too soft; spacious yet not too spacious and of a color that blends well with darkness in order to bring the reality of the projector to people’s minds.

As you can see the factors in a session of hypnosis and in the movie experience are practically the same, thus the next time you go to the movies my friends be aware that you will experience a necessary hypnosis.