Lucky Tom

Have you ever known one of those people who literarily whatever they touch turn to gold?

I have. He is a 33-year-old millionaire who made his fortune in his late twenties and early thirties.

His name is Tom and I will keep his full name to myself for his sake, for he detests to be the center of attention in anyway, I guess that with that fortune he will have a hard time avoiding centers of gravity.

Tom is an Englishman who studied both in America and Britain, yet nobody helped him to achieve any of these ends.

He was born to a multimillionaire family who lost everything when he was twenty-one years of age.

The family had to sell the enormous country estate as well as the London apartment in order to pay the enormous debt that the family had to pay to the bank after which they barely had money to make ends meet.

After living in the best zone of his city they were forced to move to east London where life was a little cheaper and more accessible to their new miniscule budget.

Now I don’t know, dear reader, if you have been to east London, but in case you haven’t I can tell you in advance that it is a very unpleasant and violent part of big old London.

East London is the place where all the immigrants from the Middle East move and their cultural differences are felt and seen.

When Tom and his mother first moved the shock was a profound one, specially the cultural one, given to the fact that most immigrants don’t speak English whatsoever.

Soon his former friends treated him differently or not at all, because of his drastic loss of status.

He went from playing Polo at the club every week to having holes in his shoes and pockets where coins were constantly lost.

In his depression he locked in his room for a whole month and read The Count of Montecristo. That book changed his life and he has been inspired ever since by the book’s last phrase “All human wisdom is contained in the words Wait and Hope”.

After that moth in seclusion he emerged with a full heart. He learned Arabic in only a year and soon he began working as a translator for local smalltime businessmen and before he could notice big Saudi men of power set their eyes on him.

One of those powerful saw light and will power in him as well as skill and the one thing that his father left him, which was a great education.

The great Arab took him under his wing and taught him much, until everything paid off when Tom fixed him a deal that took him to the stars.

After all this Tom has opened many successful businesses. His wealth increased tremendously when the phrase online loans (préstamos online) came to his mind.

He opened a company dedicated to that endeavor and he is a great supplier of loans for immigrants in London.

Tom is really one of those men who whatever they touch turn to gold.


Sleep tight wherever you are

Traveling is just awesome, as every reader of this blog certainly believes. Nevertheless, there are some complications which may be simple and not that important, but that can cause real struggle when they became constant.

One of those inconveniences is the lack of sleep that many travellers suffer, especially when they travel within different countries or even continents. The problem usually begins during the flight, when the constant movement of passengers and staff, the lights and noises of the cabin and the occasional turbulences create the perfect environment for insomnia.

And everything loses balance after that, because if you don’t sleep or rest at all during the flight, you are really tired at the arrival and you can’t make the best out of your first day at your travel destination.

On my last trip to Mexico City, when I stayed in a hotel of the group Hoteles México DF, I followed some tips to get a good sleep during the flight and therefore I had a much better first day of vacations.

Don’t get the wrong idea! Those tips don’t imply any kind of sleeping medication. It’s all about habits and usual devices, which you can apply and take with you, in order to sleep tight wherever you are.


  1. Wear comfortable clothes

I have seen people boarding planes on high hills, cocktail dresses and fancy suits. That may be a common practice for business travellers of celebrities (though there’s always the option of changing clothes at your arrival, right?), but I don’t advise it at all if you are on vacations. You don’t have to look extremely formal or trendy; you need to be comfortable, ready for the security check and in suitable clothes for getting some rest.

Wear cotton clothes, better if they are a bit loose; comfortable shoes that you can take off easily; take also a pair of warm socks and a light blanket.

  1. Use some little helpers

Again, I’m not talking about pills. I mean a pair of earplugs, a neck pillow, an eye mask and some relaxing playlists on your mp3 player.

  1. Have a light meal and drink water (not too much)

Indigestion is among the main enemies of a good night sleep and it can be even worst during a flight. Avoid spicy or greasy meals and drink only water (not too much or you will be constantly going to the toilet). Alcoholic beverage may relax you but they can also keep you from sleeping.

  1. Pick the best seat you can

If you have a chance to select your seats, avoid the ones in the front rows; there’s a lot of activity over there and families with children are commonly located there. Avoid also the rows near the kitchen, bathrooms and emergency exits.

If you want to remain undisturbed during your trip and you won’t need to stand up frequently, take the window seat. If you prefer to feel free to come and go, take the aisle.

  1. Follow your bed time routine

Or at least part of it. If you are used to read, write of listen to music before going to bed at home, do something similar during the flight. That will help you to enter in sleeping mood.

The farmer who prospered

Everybody knows that the best and safest business is that of real estate, given to the fact that land, as log as one has it, it will always be fruitful and has the power to keep an individual afloat even in the case of unemployment.

However, even if many individuals know about the power and efficiency of the real estate business, few of us know about the existence of industrial real estate, a business that turns average people into millionaires and millionaires into billionaires.

I know of a friend with whom I grew up and went to school with, who has made billions thanks to the industrial real estate business.

His name is James and grew up in a farm in North Carolina, out of which his family made a good living.

Farmers are well known for their ability to see opportunity where it seems there is none, in other words to make a mountain out of a hill, since they live out of growth and should therefore know how and where things emerge the strongest, something that requires a lot of work and a good degree of talent, for the land is a tough tenant and does not forgive poor judgement of any kind.

industria_agricola1Farmers are also very well known for their virtue of deep and strong patience because, as we all know, nothing grows fast and easy and one must work earnestly for a long period of time in order to see a small degree for which one has toiled so hard.

James learned all about farming, for his father made sure that he grew up knowledgeable in this matter so that he may have it as a good tool in case whatever he decided to do outside of farming went belly up.

Farmers also possess rather more notoriously than everybody else the virtue of hard work, because in the farming business whoever makes best use of time finishes first a reason why one can be sure that one will never hear a farmer complain out of the hardships of work.

James took all these virtues and knowledge to invest them in an entirely different field, one that would not make him simply well off like his family but would make him a man of billions.

The way he did this was first and foremost by travelling around the world carrying those well-built hawk eyes that would penetrate the deepest secrets of the most vulnerable lands out of which he would create immense wealth both for him and for the land itself.

After having journeyed far and wide he kept a journal with several ideas, many of which he would dismiss. However those that survived his tough judgement, became the foundation of a kingdom that will most likely outlive five generations of ours.

His glance was set not in farming but in industrial real estate, not in America but in far off Asia by creating an empire of commercial dockyards for industrial Chinese shipping, a business that has become a titan.

First time abroad

Travelling is a perfect way to experience as much as you can from life. Whether you go away for a week or a month, the simple fact of changing places, landscapes, weather and time zones is enough to broaden your horizon and give you moments you could never have lived at home.
Travelling abroad has the additional benefit of getting you to know a different land and way of living; sometimes, completely different. It may take just a border cross, an airport sign or a few words spoken in a foreign language, to feel that you have entered a completely different universe.
My first trip abroad was to Mexico and there’s a very interesting reason for that. After high school, I joined a program of volunteers who taught English to foreign workers, mainly Latin American. Through that experience, I learned about the amazing contribution of immigrants to the development of our city and our whole nation. I concluded that we can’t deny the multicultural structure of our country; furthermore, of our whole world.
I decided to learn Spanish, as a way to have a deeper understanding of one of our greater cultural influences; Latin American culture. At the end of my volunteering term, I enrolled myself in a Spanish summer course in Mexico City.
I choose that particular program, because it also included what they called “a cultural immersion”. Students get to take classes about Mexican History and Art, visit museums and there was also the option to share a flat with Mexican students who offered you a place and the chance to practice your Spanish, if you were willing to help them with their English. Of course I accepted!
I’ll never forget my first impression of Mexico City. I arrived at night, because the cheapest flight I found was scheduled at 8:00 pm. I shall mention that the low cost airline I choose provided a great service; the departure and the arrival were just on time and the flight went by with no incidents (you can find it by searching online “vuelos VivaAerobus”).

It was almost 10:00 pm when we start descending, and the view of the enormous city was like a huge maze of flaming stars. Mexico City became pitifully famous because of its pollution, a problem that sadly hasn’t been reverted. Travellers say that when you arrive by day time, you will see a huge, brown cloud over the city. At night, you can still get a glimpse of those toxic fumes, but the view of the lights is just astonishing.
My stay was marvellous and I can tell why people keep living in big cities such as that, despite all the problems that can be experienced. There’s always something interesting to do and some new place to discover. No matter how early in the morning or late at night, you will find a solution if you are hungry, thirsty, bored or just curious. You can meet all kinds of people and many of them will be simply kind and wonderful to you. My room mates were awesome and I’m glad to say that we still remain friends.
That first experience abroad taught me much more than Spanish. It showed me how amazing life can be when you just decide to go out and try new things.

It’s a short, short life

There’s a question that I’ve heard so many times during my adult life. You may be thinking that it could be something about getting married or starting a family, but fortunately my acquaintances haven’t put me through that yet. Perhaps they finally understood that these are not the only options.

The question has to do with choice and stability. Modern societies may be getting that paternity and family life are not the only ways to reach maturity, but the idea of choosing just one path in life is still strong and determinant. You have to choose a profession; get a job and stick to it; find a place to live and “grow some roots” and start planning ahead, to secure your future. Change is related to lack of compromise, and if you keep going from one job, place or country to another, you are just not mature enough.

What I have to say is that it is a short, short life and if I can, I won’t spend going just in one way. I get committed, of course; I give the best of me with every project. But after finishing something, I just can’t tell why it’s impossible to get committed again, with something totally different.

“You only live once”, it’s often said. As far as I can tell, that’s totally true. But I’m also certain that, if you want, you can prove as many lifestyles as you want. Just try it!