Sleep tight wherever you are

Traveling is just awesome, as every reader of this blog certainly believes. Nevertheless, there are some complications which may be simple and not that important, but that can cause real struggle when they became constant.

One of those inconveniences is the lack of sleep that many travellers suffer, especially when they travel within different countries or even continents. The problem usually begins during the flight, when the constant movement of passengers and staff, the lights and noises of the cabin and the occasional turbulences create the perfect environment for insomnia.

And everything loses balance after that, because if you don’t sleep or rest at all during the flight, you are really tired at the arrival and you can’t make the best out of your first day at your travel destination.

On my last trip to Mexico City, when I stayed in a hotel of the group Hoteles México DF, I followed some tips to get a good sleep during the flight and therefore I had a much better first day of vacations.

Don’t get the wrong idea! Those tips don’t imply any kind of sleeping medication. It’s all about habits and usual devices, which you can apply and take with you, in order to sleep tight wherever you are.


  1. Wear comfortable clothes

I have seen people boarding planes on high hills, cocktail dresses and fancy suits. That may be a common practice for business travellers of celebrities (though there’s always the option of changing clothes at your arrival, right?), but I don’t advise it at all if you are on vacations. You don’t have to look extremely formal or trendy; you need to be comfortable, ready for the security check and in suitable clothes for getting some rest.

Wear cotton clothes, better if they are a bit loose; comfortable shoes that you can take off easily; take also a pair of warm socks and a light blanket.

  1. Use some little helpers

Again, I’m not talking about pills. I mean a pair of earplugs, a neck pillow, an eye mask and some relaxing playlists on your mp3 player.

  1. Have a light meal and drink water (not too much)

Indigestion is among the main enemies of a good night sleep and it can be even worst during a flight. Avoid spicy or greasy meals and drink only water (not too much or you will be constantly going to the toilet). Alcoholic beverage may relax you but they can also keep you from sleeping.

  1. Pick the best seat you can

If you have a chance to select your seats, avoid the ones in the front rows; there’s a lot of activity over there and families with children are commonly located there. Avoid also the rows near the kitchen, bathrooms and emergency exits.

If you want to remain undisturbed during your trip and you won’t need to stand up frequently, take the window seat. If you prefer to feel free to come and go, take the aisle.

  1. Follow your bed time routine

Or at least part of it. If you are used to read, write of listen to music before going to bed at home, do something similar during the flight. That will help you to enter in sleeping mood.